Our story

Makki studio was established 2019. It was love at first sight. The realization how eyes could be transformed with Eyelash extensions and look even more beautiful I new it will be my dream job. 

With proper education, constant practice and love towards what we are doing our goal is to provide the best Eyelash extensions services. Today our place is offering different forms and volumes. Every set is unique since every eye is differently shaped.

Eyelash extensions is our main service but not limited to. We are also providing other beauty services. 

Who care

Our team

Marija Milanovic

Marija Mircev


Lash artist

Marija Mircev was born in November 12,1993 in Serbia.  She start building her career since she was 17. When she moved to USA she start being known as one of the best lash technician’s in area.  Constant education brings her success and her work started being recognized by others. 
Today Marija Mircev is the Founder and CEO of “Makki Studio” in Chicago

Rada Simic

Rada Simic

Nail technician

Rada Simic was born On December 14th, 1984 in Serbia. She have been in the beauty industry for twenty years. It is what she chose to do ever since she was a little girl. Her passion for nails developed 10 years ago and it has been her sole focus at this time.

She can only say that she is very fortunate to do what she love. Her clients and their happy faces are what drives her. She is very competitive and she try to always stay on top with new trends while developing some new ideas by herself. 

Making people happy is a privilege that she hope to continue for the rest of her days.

Nina Novovic

Nina Novovic


Nina Novovic was born August 25th, 1998 in Montenegro. She quickly built a reputation as one of the youngest well-known cosmetologist in Montenegro. She started her career when she was 17 years old.

 As someone who is into details and knowledge she was easily recognized. Moving to USA brought her even more success. 

 We are happy to have her in our team and we know that our clients are in a good hands. 

Aleksandra Stojanovska

Aleksandra Stojanovska


Aleksandra Stojanovska was born on February 25th, 1991 in Macedonia. She started showing interest in the beauty industry from young age. That has got her enrolled in a Cosmetology high school. Her professional education started at that age and it has never stopped.  She works at this field for eight years and she loves every moment of it.  She is particularly passionate for treating skin, skin problems and doing massages. 

She keep educating herself all the time and got her Certificate for Holistic skin care and is willing to achieve best possible results and happy clients. 

"Your skin reflects who you are."